Communicating with Compassion

How to Communicate in Ways that Ease the Pain and Lift the Spirit

In this inspiring, best-selling video Karen Fox and her team show how to treat the sick, injured, and dying with compassion. They demonstrate the four things that must happen in conversation for a person who is suffering to experience compassion. These are the fundamental skills needed to build a bridge to the other person’s world, to get compassion across, in such a way that he or she now realizes that you care. Karen and her team vividly demonstrate, with beauty and humor, and in real life situations, how anyone can learn to empower, encourage, bring hope, and lift the spirit.

“As I reflect on the widespread need in our frantic, fractured society for people with a healing touch, I cherish a fervent hope that this resource will become available to the countless people who could use it to learn how to enhance their caring attitudes and skills.”

Howard Clinebell, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, Pastoral Psychology & Counseling Claremont School of Theology

Excerpts from “Communicating with Compassion”

“Communicating with Compassion develops the skills of supportive presence needed by lay volunteer and clergy alike. It is a complete package, educationally sound and stimulating to use. This one is a keeper!”

Rev. Faye Hogan, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Ventura

“Your video touches both the head and the heart. It flows and the teaching points are made so naturally. I cried at several places. Thank you for an effective and beautiful video.”

Elizabeth Wu, Management Development, Kaiser Permanente

How do we teach compassion?

karenSimonAccording to Karen and Simon Fox, the best way to teach compassion is not to instruct but to inspire through real-life examples. The Adventures in Caring volunteers have learned their skills by serving others, and the camera follows them into real situations, real challenges, and real emotions.

The video shows how compassion forms a bridge between the two very different worlds: the world of the healthy volunteer and the anxious, uncertain world of someone who is suffering.

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This program includes:

  • 35-minute video. Documentary-style production, original musical score and powerful real-life scenes guaranteed to inspire your audience and stimulate a deeply meaningful conversation.
  • 96-page Leader Guide with class formats for a 90-minute session or a 3-hour workshop. Includes discussion questions, class exercises, and video index with teaching points for each scene, plus expert facilitator tips on how to get the most out of your group dialogue.
  • Handouts for your audience are formatted for easy copying. Three pages with definitions and summaries of the four core principles demonstrated in the video.

“I applaud your efforts to teach volunteers how to interact with people who are suffering… I did view the video and the program is obviously a labor of love on your part… I am sharing your work with my staff, especially those involved in finding ways for young people to serve their community and fellow citizens.”.

Colin L. Powell, General, U.S. Army
Chairman, America’s Promise

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