Learn the Language of Healing

Some gifted doctors and nurses know this language, as do some psychologists and other allied health professionals – but most do not.

This is the language that makes healing possible. It is active in the healing of trauma, illness, and relationships. In patients, families, and caregivers. This is what we teach at AiC—to students who are pursuing careers in health care, and to current professionals in health care and emergency services.


It takes a year to learn this language well enough to remember it for life, and to be fluent enough to alleviate distress and restore well-being.  After one year you will be capable of restoring the elements of well-being that make life worth living, even for those who are seriously ill or injured, even at the end of life.

The language can be taught—we have done it succesfully for thirty years—but it cannot be taught by lecture or learned by memorization. It can only be learned in the service of others who are suffering. This may be why it is so rarely taught in academia.

This healing language is crucial to the quality of relationships, not only in health care, but in public. We desperately need conversations that are healing rather than divisive, conversations that produce insight rather than merely affirm the latest fashion in group-think. We need language that leads to conversations that are meaningful, open, honest, and life-affirming, rather than those that are superficial, censored, devious, and corrosive. We need language that unlocks our innate capacity to heal, to grow, to thrive.

AiC student interns build proficiency in this language by engaging in healthy, constructive conversations with people who often hold diamatrically opposite points of view on politics and religion. You will interact with people four and five times your age, who grew up in different countries, with a different cultures and different races, speaking different languages, believing different creeds—and who are also having difficulty hearing, seeing, or speaking, and are in pain—and you will become able to produce deeply meaningful, healing, life-affirming interactions. That is why we consider the skills you learn advanced.

We hope you will join us on this adventure—it is truly a step beyond the comfort zone, and yet that is exactly how to gain experiences and a capacity to communicate that you never dreamed possible.




All volunteer training seminars are conducted over a long weekend in Santa Barbara. The hours are:

Friday: 6:00PM to 9:00PM
Saturday from 9:00AM to 7:00PM, and
Sunday from 9:00AM to 7:00PM.

All sessions must be attended to complete the training.

Short intro of Karen Fox, Founder

Volunteer Training Dates in 2015 – 2016

  • October 16–18, 2015
  • November 6–8, 2015
  • January 22–24, 2016
  • February 5–7, 2016
  • April 8–10, 2016

Join us

Volunteer interns are needed to serve in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, as well as acute care, sub-acute and rehabilitation hospitals. If you would like to make new friends, open your heart, and gain the satisfaction of helping someone in a time of need, consider becoming an Adventures in Caring volunteer intern.

Fill out the on-line form or contact: volunteering@adventuresincaring.org