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After a restful winter break, I entered the nursing home I knew all too well for the past couple years. I was nervous as I always am when it has been a while since I have visited my old friends, but I was also excited to meet them again. My nervousness was immediately taken care of when I was greeted by the warm hello of Gustavo. My oldest friend at Central Coast! I immediately sat next to him and excitedly asked him how he had been. The smile I had must have been contagious because his smile was every bit as huge and cheesy as mine. He said things had been good but now they were even better because he was seeing his friend again. I asked who that was and he shook my hand warmly and said “YOU are my good friend” with an even warmer smile.

I felt at that moment the close connection we both had there in that simple action of a handshake—two friends sitting on chairs next to each other and enjoying their time with each other through a handshake. He had been lonely weeks before, sad even because his family was far and spread out, but with me, I knew he had a friend and he wasn’t alone. I could tell he was cherishing this moment so I got up and gave him a slight hug which he loved and called me a good friend once more. We spoke some more about my life and things going around at Alto Lucero while we knew underneath our casual talk that we had become close friends.

—Pulin Trivedi

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