Tools for Health Professionals to Cultivate Compassion

“This video series would enlighten not only physicians and nurses, but has a place as a cornerstone of education for the entire multi-disciplinary team.”

P.J. Woods, PhD, MBA, RN Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico College of Nursing

The Cultivating Compassion series gives leaders a powerful tool to build a culture of compassion and well-being. When combined, our three DVD-based training programs become a transformational course that produces lasting behavioral change in the way people interact with one another. The result is a culture of compassion in which staff and patients thrive.

Here is a course that builds the skills that consistently produce the experience of compassion, even under difficult circumstances, while sustaining the caregiver’s capacity to care year after year.

Simon Fox, Executive Director: A message to team-leaders and instructors.
Compassion Fatigue, resilience & self-care (Time: 3:00).

Volume I: The Medicine of Compassion 

Core Skills for the Human Side of Health Care.
Four foundational principles for treating patients with compassion.

Boxed set - MoC

Your audience members learn to:

  • Listen attentively, create rapport, and convey compassion even when busy.
  • Encourage patient participation in the healing process.
  • Approach painful and sensitive situations with confidence.
  • Discover the patient’s resources for healing.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of inappropriate communication.
  • Receive more appreciation from those in your care.

DVD with 41-minute video program (plus a 30-minute abridged version)
96-page Leader Guide
3 audience handouts (with permission to reprint)
Physical copy: $295.00, Download $185.00, Video rental: $14.95.

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Volume II: Compassion in Action 

Being Effective in Emotionally Difficult Conversations.
How to treat patients with compassion under difficult circumstances.

Your audience members learn to:

Boxed set - CiA pro
  • Turn a difficult conversation into a discovery conversation.
  • Identify three layers of a difficult conversation and find clues to a solution.
  • Recognize the pivotal moments when conversations can turn around.
  • Build strong caregiver-patient partnerships despite the difficulties.
  • Engage in difficult situations with confidence.

DVD with 45-minute video program in 12 chapters
128-page Leader Guide
3 audience handouts (with permission to reprint)
Physical copy: $295.00, Download $185.00, Video rental: $14.95.


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Volume III: Oxygen for Caregivers 

Guarding Against Burnout, Sustaining Compassion.
The practices and perspectives that experienced professionals use to safeguard their quality of life and capacity to care to treat patients with compassion under difficult circumstances.

Your audience members learn to:Oxygen set

  • Apply three principles of resilience that reduce the risk of burnout.
  • Make crucial distinctions between six occupational hazards that endanger caregiver wellness.
  • Consider new perspectives on how others successfully cope with stress.
  • Recognize personal early warning signs of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.
  • Incorporate lifestyle strategies and tactics that are known antidotes to burnout.
  • Self-evaluate and make better self-care choices.
  • Develop a customized wellness plan.

Two discs:

1. DVD includes the 35-minute video program plus five video clips.
2. CD includes:

  • 72-page Workbook for participants (with permission to copy)
  • 76-page Leader Guide for instructors (a train-the-trainer program with formats for three one-hour sessions)
  • 40 PowerPoint slides

Physical copy: $495.00, Download $285.00, Video rental: $14.95.

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Three-volume physical copy set: $922.25  (15% discount)

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Benefits your organization can expect from the Cultivating Compassion series:

  • Improved patient satisfaction scores
  • Better staff performance and job satisfaction
  • Marked improvement in staff morale and teamwork
  • Reduced turnover and the retention of your best people
  • Improved patient safety
  • Rapid service recovery when things go wrong
  • Conservation of organizational resources
  • Less absenteeism
  • Reduced risk of litigation
  • Better word-of-mouth about your organization

For the instructor:

  • You get a crucial conversation started in a non-threatening way.
  • Your team will remember that you care about them, professionally and personally.
  • Your presentation will inspire and make a lasting difference in the quality of life for those you work with or teach, as well as those they serve.