Training for Health Care Professionals

This trilogy is a complete course that comes with compelling video footage, session formats and a guide for the group leader, plus handouts for the audience. Each of the programs is modular so they can be used as a stand alone in-service session. This sets the stage for meaningful conversations to start,  real-life solutions to emerge, and relationships with co-workers to be restored. Or, the three programs can be combined for a powerfully transformative course that produces lasting behavioral and cultural change.

In our first video we followed gifted caregivers who were well known to practice compassionate care day in, day out, for many years.  The video shows the “Four A’s” in unscripted action. These are the four essential elements for communicating compassion that everyone who has that special ability to deeply connect with his or her patients instinctively uses to build strong healing partnerships.

In the second video we advance the competencies in compassion by asking how to practice compassion with difficult patients and in tough situations.  Again we followed those willing to “walk their talk” and share of their wisdom.

By our third production it was clear that the compassion that played a key role in dealing with others was urgently needed to be applied to ourselves.  By reversing the Golden Rule: Do unto yourself as you do unto others, we found not only an antidote to stress,  but also a path to a balanced and satisfying career.

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