Training Programs

Our modular training programs help you bring out the best in your team. They are inspiring, ready-made educational tools that make the principles of compassion visible, teachable, and practical. As a result your team builds their capacity to deliver the experience of compassion to others while protecting against compassion fatigue and building well-being for themselves.

For Professional Caregivers

Build a culture of compassion in your organization with three powerful DVD-based workshops. When combined, these three DVD-based workshops become a transformational course that produces lasting behavioral change and a culture of compassion in which staff and patients are continually inspired.


For Volunteer Caregivers

Adventures in Caring education programs are widely used throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. In the U.S., approximately 1,000 hospitals, 2,000 church caregiving ministries, 400 nursing schools, and 1,000 hospices (about 40 percent of hospices in the country) have found the seminars inspiring and practical.