Oxygen for Caregivers.



This empowering program is easy to teach right out of the box. It comes with everything you need to inspire, inform, and lead your audience to make better self-care choices.

Participants gain an entire dashboard of instruments to manage the hazards of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, and chart their course, including:

  • Lifestyle strategies and tactics that are known antidotes to burnout.
  • Crucial distinctions between compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout, so these hazards can be recognized.
  • Early warning signs for the onset of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout.
  • Competencies: A broader perspective on how others successfully cope with stress.
  • Three proven principles that build resilience, with a map of the territory and a compass to find the way.
  • A self-evaluation process that leads to a customized wellness plan.


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    This video series will enlighten not only physicians and nurses, but has a place as a cornerstone of education and training for the entire hospital.
    P.J. Woods/University of New Mexico College of Nursing

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