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Dedicated to lifting the spirits of those who are sick and lonely, and to cultivating the practice of compassion in health care, Adventures in Caring touches the lives of patients and health care professionals around the world. more >>

Cultivating Compassion
in Your Staff

Communication skills for caregivers. Inspiring, informative educational programs that teach the art of connecting with the seriously ill, injured, or dying so that they experience compassion in their hour of need. more >>

Raggedy Patient
Care Program

The Raggedy Ann and Andy Patient Care Program offer volunteers unique opportunities to lift patient's spirits through compassionate listening and communication. Find out how you can make a difference in your community. more >>


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DVD Based Seminars that Inspire Compassion

For Health Care Professionals

Volumn I
The Medicine
of Compassion
  Volumn II
in Action
  NEW! Volumn III
Oxygen For Caregivers
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DVD Based Seminars



For Volunteer & Family Caregivers


For Families

Communicating with Compassion
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  Compassion in Action
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  What Can I Say?
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Save 10% when buying the two-volume series for volunteer & family caregivers. Enter coupon 10-off2VID at checkout.